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Author: Jennifer Gibson

How to Plant a Plant

  So…planting a plant seems easy…just dig a hole and place the plant, right?!  Well, there is a little more to it than that!  Knowing the correct way to plant a plant is the first step to installing a successful landscape! Start by digging a hole that is twice the width and as deep as… Read more »

How to Make a Kokedama

What is a kokedama anyway? It’s a form of Japanese art, that as a literal translation, means moss (koke) and ball (dama).  Like bonsai, it’s not the actual plant but how the plant is being grown that makes it a kokedama.  Our creative, artistic co-worker Angie decided to make some of these up, presenting the… Read more »


Winter Mulch Tips

Now that we have gotten several hard frosts and our landscape plants are more hardened off (acclimated to colder temperatures), and leaves have mostly all fallen, it’s time to consider applying mulch!  Keep reading for tips… Why is Winter a good time to mulch? Think of mulch as a blanket for your landscape plants; they… Read more »

How to Control Crapemyrtle Bark Scale!

Learn how to control this serious threat to our Crapemyrtles. The key is timing and using the correct products.

Gift Ideas for Gardeners!

  Most of us have a gardener in our lives and they may or may not feel like planting that perfect plant this time of year. So here are some gift ideas for gardeners, some enhance gardens, some pamper gardeners, and some make gardening easier.  Some just let them know you understand and appreciate how… Read more »

Rose Rosette Virus Identification and Control

  What is Rose Rosette Virus? One of our beloved landscape plants, the rose, has been increasingly affected by this virus, which is spread by tiny wind transferred mites.  Symptoms include thickened stem growth, excessive thorns, witches’ broom growth at end of stems, branch die-back, discolored and distorted leaves. The above image shows the excessive… Read more »

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Treating with Preemerge

Learn how and when to treat lawn areas and landscape beds with pre emerge. Pre emerge prevents weed seeds from germinating.