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Insect and Pest Control

Taking care of your beloved plants!

During the summer, plant health issues are more prevalent than any other time of year..  Extreme heat and drought expose problems that might have been brewing since last season or even last year.  And as with all kinds of health issues, awareness and prevention are the keys! Damaging insects can cause a destructive domino effect.  For… Read more »

What is MosquitoX

Stop the Angst!

The floodwaters have receded but what remains might be a new mosquito habitat! Stagnant water is usually the culprit, so walk around your landscape, and empty any standing water. And then immediately investigate and fix the area to prevent future standing water, because you may forget after the next rain. Damp areas like old leaf piles… Read more »

What loves shade, blooms in the winter, and is evergreen?

And the answer is….camellias!  These wonderful, versatile plants have been thrilling homeowners for years.  Right now, Camellia japonicas are blooming.  The japonicas have larger leaves that Camellia sasanqua, and in general have larger, more dramatic blooms.  They look kind of like winter roses but even better since they are evergreen. If you are considering a… Read more »

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More on Mosquitoes

So, here are some specific suggestions on how to get rid of your mosquito population.  First, if you have standing water that you cannot get rid of, consider placing Mosquito Dunks in the water.  This is a natural biological control that is harmless to people, plants and pets.  So this would work for fountains that… Read more »

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They’re here…. Mosquito Control to remedy your Mosquito Problem

Today is such an amazingly beautiful day.  The fluffy white clouds and blue skies intermixed with periods of denser cloud cover, low humidity; just an all around perfect Arkansas spring day!  For those of you who are out enjoying it, you are supremely aware.  For those who are still at work, plan an outdoor activity… Read more »